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For software developers and scatter brains alike, My Agility Board gives you an online sticky notes board that takes seconds to sign up to. Unlike other online agile boards, My Agility Board is free and simple to use thanks to its Scottish nae nonsense attitude.

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My Agility Board was created by Andy Barratt when he couldn't find a basic sticky note board for use in agile that wasn't overly complicated.

Agile is an umbrella term for a set of lightweight development methodologies but when something as simple as an agile board becomes so complex, it starts to lose touch with the point of agile. My Agility Board keeps things simple.

Most of the features on My Agility Board have come from user feedback, you can contact Andy through any of these sites:
Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | Andy Barratt's Website

Colorful stickiesyes
Image Postingyes
Custom columnsyes
Public boardsyes
Background imagesyes
Multiple fontsyes
Including dyslexic fontyes
Resizable notesyes

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